What is this part and where it goes?

Hi there, newbie here.
I finally received my Devterm and everything seems working perfectly.
I’m a beginner at Ubuntu/Linux and diy laptop.
I have this part which I don’t know what it is and where it goes. There is no mention of it on the manual.

Thanks in advance

It’s a heatsink. The bottom is adhesive–peel off the blue layer and stick it on the CPU on the core.

Thanks for the quick reply ! Easy fixed now

Here are some official images from clockwork, along with my own (the third one)
I am curious as to whether or not it’s worth installing some thermal pads to conduct other components.
But also, since there aren’t really that many fins present, and it’s so close to the plastic rear housing, whether it’s actually acting as an insulator, inhibiting proper air flow.

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