DevTerm thermal paper size limit

What is the maximum diameter for the thermal paper rolls?

According to the assembly guide:

A 58mm Thermal Printer which supports 200 DPI high-speed monochrome printing.


The 58mm thermal paper is not included. “BPA-FREE” thermal paper is recommended.

I don’t think this is the correct answer. StevenG is asking what the maximum diameter for the paper rolls is, while “58mm Thermal Printer” seems to refer to width of the paper on which it is printed. A quick google search seems to show that there are varying diameters, anywhere from 30mm to 80mm.

That said, I can’t find anywhere where the maximum diameter is listed.


Ah yeah I should have read more closely.

According to the 3d models, it looks like about 42 mm is the inner diameter of the paper enclosure.


Thanks! That’s really helpful.

I bought some rolls of paper that were listed as 50 foot long, and they seem to fit fine in the enclosure. They have a cardboard core, and there’s extra room, so maybe a longer spool of paper would also fit?

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What width have people used successfully? I ordered 58mm (& now seeing that the width is still 57mm) but that is too wide to feed through. Has anyone else experienced this?

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57 is the right size

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For reference, I bought a couple of these 50’ rolls from Adafruit, which fit perfectly:

They come with Uline stickers on the bag, but from what I can tell, Uline only sells them in bulk, so if you just want a couple, Adafruit is one way.