Adhesive paper for the thermal printer?

I was wondering if the thermal printer will support any kind of adhesive paper and/or labels. Printing stickers, labels, and QR codes seems like the best use cases to me, and in each case, adhesive paper would help. Any thoughts?

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If you find any roll with the same size of sticker thermal printer paper, that should work

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The DevTerm page states that the thermal paper rolls should be 58mm wide, but does anyone have any idea what diameter of roll can fit in the input tray? Seems like almost every brand of paper comes on a different-sized roll.

It only matter if it is too big. Though it’s hard to say the size, but I’m pretty sure it is somewhat standardized, and we probably can determine roughly the size from the renders

If the roll is too big, unroll it till it’s just smaller than a perfect fit and rip it off. My adafruit compact thermal has this issue… I waste almost half a roll when I change it out.

I do hope the chamber isn’t nearly as small, though.

Has anybody found suitable adhesive paper? I got some from Paperang and it is the right size and everything but it doesn’t work. Oddly, if I put regular non-adhesive paper in, the test print works just fine. Not sure if there is anything you need to do or set to get that type of paper working.

Do you use thermal adhesive paper/ labels? Non-thermal won’t work here.



(My first post here, still awaiting to get my A06… :grin:)

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Of course I bought thermal paper for my thermal printer. :expressionless:

It doesn’t work. The printer won’t engage and stops moving.

Again, I’ve loaded and used regular thermal paper just fine.

how about using the backside of the paper to try test printing?

Printing works fine on regular thermal paper.

You can’t feed a roll backwards and besides it won’t print on the back if you could since that is the adhesive backing (non thermal).

Ok, sorry, this SHOULD work of course… So I have no idea yet why it doesn’t… :man_shrugging:

Maybe the adhesive paper is a bit too thick so the printer can’t transport it.

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I think you’re probably right. Going to return this paper and look for something else to try.