[APP] Battery status on emulators

This post was archieved, please refer to BatMon - Battery Status on emulators

After reading this topic and some discusions on the discord server. I made an app to show battery status while playing.

image image

I uploaded the code on my github, instructions on compilation and installation can be found there.

You can get a precompiled version on the releases page: https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon/releases

Hope you like it.


Great work. Gonna try and set this up later today. Tnx!!

https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon#content-of-the-release-zip Here is the info on how to set it up.

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Looks great! I will try it tonight. Many thanks for this useful utility!

Please help;

cpi@clockworkpi : ~ $ qmake BatMon.pro

Cannot find file: BatMon.pro.

Did you download de release or the source? If you downloaded the release that step is not needes.

I just follow all steps from top till bottom.

I did ; sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

Can you please make the tutorial more noobie level…

Its all explained here https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon#content-of-the-release-zip you need to download the zip from here: https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon/releases

Really nice! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you find any bugs or have in mind some features tell me.

This is a TODO:

  • Optimize the code by getting rid of spawning and killing processes.

  • Add clock.

  • Make it toggleable so you can run and stop it from launcher.

  • Make it customizable.

And in the future maybe show cpu temperature.

Edit: If anyone wants to contribute on something on the list, its welcome.

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The font is a bit small, but I think this belongs to customizing.

I’ll report bugs if I encounter them. Unfortunately I’m not a c++ developer, I just do some PHP.

Maybe I find some tutorials out there, I’d really like to work on this and other projects.

The font is as is on purpose, so it blocks less game screen

I understand.

For my eyes it’s a bit small.

Is there a way to increase it? Do I have to change some values in the source and compile it again?

You can do it from code or modifying the ui in the https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon/blob/master/batterywidget.ui

Don´t change it by hand tho, use QtCreator or QtDesigner.

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You should also try to get it to print with a transparent BG as well. Sometimes it’ll print over a white background colour and it’s impssible to see for that interval.

I tried that from the start but its impossible because of the WM as explained here: https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon#issues

What really happens is that it prints on top of the launcher or some other background that was white, then the background changed, so it just need 30 secs to pass to repaint it again over the current background.

I was thinking, instead making it with a fixed background, like a box.

On my linux server and windows pc doesnt happen, but it does on the cpi.

If possible, it will be nice if this could be toggled on/off with a key combination (e.g. shift-down)

I´m planning adding the toggle from the launcher icon

Can you still help me? I tried 3 times now. I don’t understand your ‘‘tutorial’’