Does any version of the DevTerm have WiFi?

What version of WiFi is integrated, if any?
Is plugging in a WiFi6 USB-adapter an option (driver support)?

WiFi is integrated, but i am not sure about adapter compatibility


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Driver support would be dependent on whether one exists in Linux. I’m assuming that they will still be basing the clockwork OS on Debian, so if a wifi 6/ax driver that is compatible with your card exists, it should work.

I’m guessing you’re getting it for wifi congestion reasons? I don’t think the devterm would benefit that much more from a higher bandwidth than AC. That said, the only device I own with wifi 6 is a PS5, and even then; I don’t have a compatible router yet.

I’m more interested to see what wifi signal strength is like, seeing as it looks like it’s using the same ceramic antenna the gameshell uses; and that users have upgraded for improved performance.


There is a SMA socket on the render, so no they are not using a PCB track or “ceramic” antenna:


(but you know the fact it’s a ceramic antenna or a pcb one does not mean it’s bad if properly designed. It can have as good or better performances than an antenna like the one in the DevTerm if it is badly placed.


I don’t have any kind of confirmation for this, but I started trying to figure out what chips were going to be used, based on the pinouts in the schematics posted to the github, and I’m hazarding a guess that the Wifi chip is gonna be an RF Link K019-CW43-DW. That’s actually two modules, bonded together, and uses a Cypress CYW43455 for the wifi.

Admittedly, I’m kinda new to this. That’s my first time doing this kinda thing, so I may very well be very wrong.


that is some neat sleuthing. i have a TL-WN722N on the side if i need it for anything… special.
got my firmware ready for it, too!

I’ve inquired directly about the SOC on the A06 modules and got confirmation.
I’ve also inquired about wireless on the cpi 3.14 mainboard. I’ll update this post upon confirmation.

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