CM4-lite and the Wifi module on the board

I have a Devterm, and I thought it had a WiFi module on the motherboard, so I prepared a cm4-lite without WiFi and emmc, but after I prepared the image, I found that there was no WiFi in the system.

Do I need to make any settings or hardware modifications? How do I use WiFi

The uConsole folks have looked into this problem. It turns out, the CM4 adapter is not capable of interfacing with the networking chipset in the mainboard. Note that the uConsole and DevTerm essentially share the same mainboard.

You have 2 options, in this case:

  • Purchase a USB Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle
  • Purchase a CM4 Lite with wireless
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as it is a non-standard cm4 adapter… you would have to write your own overlay and the gpio pin assignment… and include it in raspi-config…

this is a successfully attempt from the raspi-forum to use an external wifi/bluetooth module… in theory it would work…