Ethernet port and speakers, or a way to add them?

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I wasn’t able to find anything about ethernet ports or external speakers for the DevTerm. Does the DevTerm have this, or do you need to use something like a USB to ethernet port or something? I guess on the speaker front, it only supports headphones ?


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welcome @supercom32
the Devterm does have WIFI and a headphone jack with mic support on the mainboard and stereo speakers on the ext-board. none of us are really sure how the stereo speakers is gonna work yet… but its supposed to come with speakers. if you need ethernet, you’ll probably need a USB dongle. I was hoping the fancy core modules might offer USB-OTG/Host support… but, sadly this is not the case. So if you have a usb-c dock, it doesnt seem it will be supported. :frowning:
on that note, I have prepared a pouch for my belt with JBOD (just a bunch of dongles) on a hub and extension…

from the devterm page:

  • Integrated 5G-WIFI (802.11ac) + Bluetooth 5.0

  • High-gain antenna

  • Dual speaker (left and right channel) interface

There are USB-A port on the DevTerm so you will be able to plug USB devices don’t worry about that.


the speakers appear to mount to the board that everything else mounts to. the position is right where the EXT board is. it appears to connect to the ext board by mere contact as laid out in the assmbly guide on thier github

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