Does anyone know of any screen protectors that are a near perfect fit for the screen size?

My gameshell screen got super scuffed super fast, likely from having the screen in a cheap modular plastic shell. Would like to avoid it with the uConsole.


uConsole has a standard 16:9 5" IPS panel.
Therefore, it would be possible to divert a protective sheet for a smartphone that fits it.

Actual screen size is H 65mm x W 120mm, so protective sheet for a 5.3" ~ 5.4" display would seem to be suitable, but there is no certainty.


With the DevTerm, someone created a 3D printable plastic cover to protect it. I hope someone will do the same with the uConsole.

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I have load i will find one and report back once mine gets here

I bought one of those cut-to-size protectors on prime day - I’ve used them in the past for odd sized screens. Not perfect, but they get the job done and are miles better than the liquid “screen protectors”.

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I found this one, it says it is 5 inches: [3-Pack] Supershieldz for Nabi Jr. 5" Tablet High Definition Clear Screen Protector - Supershieldz but I don’t have the window size for the Uconsole or the actual size of this screen protector, I would get it to try.

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This guy in Japan figured it out:

I ordered the last one of that kind, a bit pricey to import but it looks like a perfect fit and I like the anti glare effect

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Thanks for finding it, based on that, I believe this one also fits:

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