Does anyone know of any screen protectors that are a near perfect fit for the screen size?

My gameshell screen got super scuffed super fast, likely from having the screen in a cheap modular plastic shell. Would like to avoid it with the uConsole.


uConsole has a standard 16:9 5" IPS panel.
Therefore, it would be possible to divert a protective sheet for a smartphone that fits it.

Actual screen size is H 65mm x W 120mm, so protective sheet for a 5.3" ~ 5.4" display would seem to be suitable, but there is no certainty.


With the DevTerm, someone created a 3D printable plastic cover to protect it. I hope someone will do the same with the uConsole.

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I have load i will find one and report back once mine gets here

I bought one of those cut-to-size protectors on prime day - I’ve used them in the past for odd sized screens. Not perfect, but they get the job done and are miles better than the liquid “screen protectors”.

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I found this one, it says it is 5 inches: [3-Pack] Supershieldz for Nabi Jr. 5" Tablet High Definition Clear Screen Protector - Supershieldz but I don’t have the window size for the Uconsole or the actual size of this screen protector, I would get it to try.

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This guy in Japan figured it out:

I ordered the last one of that kind, a bit pricey to import but it looks like a perfect fit and I like the anti glare effect


Thanks for finding it, based on that, I believe this one also fits:

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Got mine from here:
Fits like a glove.

Did you ever get this one to see? I had to replace my screen due to a dead pixel and don’t have anything on the new one and wouldn’t mind applying something.

Ah I just saw that you were linking to the same protector the previous poster did just on Aliexpress. Did you apply it to the screen in the chassis, or before hand?

In the chassis, after full assembly. Thought it was a mistake first, because metal frame borders are quite high, but everything went surprisingly well.

Can confirm the best screen protector to go for is one thats fitted for a blackmagic 6k pro, perfect fit when you have the uconsole built fulky and they are normally made out of glass and not the usual flimsy kind. Just make sure to not apply too much pressure when placing it in like me, i cracked the corner a tiny little bit but im ok with that :joy:

I made the mistake of applying the first one without the front on, and I was off by a bit, and it cracked. The second time I pushed it in through the front and it was absolutely perfect.

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I personally took a Nintendo Switch protective screen that I already had, and made two cuts with a scalpel to make it to the right size, and its all good

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there are dedicated screen protectors available on ebay. tbh its the only thing uconsole related you can get on ebay as far as i know :wink:

No need to eBay or custom cut, the black magic one cited is an absolutely perfect fit.

I just got this one and it was just slightly too big to fit

Maybe something changed? On mine (now sold) it was a PERFECT fit.

From my experience with screen protectors for all sorts of devices, i found that protectors for a device made by different companies/brands is never the same. Each different company product will either cover a screen to the fullest or slightly have some exposed screen around an edge (for ease of fitting for amateurs or just to save on costs). The dimensions are fitted for the same diameter as a “blackmagic 6k pro” screen so maybe look for that but by a different company. Heres the one i got and it fits very snuggly and have to be carefull putting it in or it’ll crack (as mentioned by me a few posts up)
Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
£16.53 | BMD bmpcc 6k pro Tempered Glass Camera Protective Glas Screen Protector for Blackmagic Design Pocket BMPCC 6K Pro Cinema Camera