General uConsole accessories discussion thread

General thread for discussing accessories for the uConsole. Screen protectors, cases, SD cards/holders, batteries, and all other hardware accessories one might use.

I was wondering, could I use a razorblade and some elbow grease to cut my own screen protector for the uConsole? Or would that shatter the protector? I know the uConsole is easy to dissemble, but sourcing the parts from Clockwork in China (I’m in the USA) would take too long if the screen did break from a drop for example.

i guess when u get uconsole , u can find some same size screen from ebay or Amazon XD

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I looked at cutting a larger screen protector from Gorilla glass - if you search they recommend cutting the glass underwater - actually they don’t recommend cutting it at all but it you must cut the screen protector do so under water and while wearing protective gloves and goggles… there are generic screen protector products on Amazon… they are more a film rather than glass - that will be my choice…

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Yea, cutting tempered glass almost never works.

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the ‘instructions’ indicate using kitchen shears… .I cook with those!!! (don’t want glass shards in them!)

Wouldn’t be able to cut glass with shears anyway. Could use them to cut the heavier plastic screen protectors though.

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if i could find a 5" 16:9 e-paper display, i’d hack that in

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that would be interesting . . . could 3D print a custom case just to make it fit.

that’s an idea

20 chars blah blah

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Has anyone found design files published by CPI yet? I can’t find them on GitHub.

I’m looking for STEP files to do some mechanical mockups, comparing the beepberry vs the uConsole. The one I made is just a scaled SWAG based on the images they published.


What I got so far:

  1. Samsung 35E 18650 3500mAh 8A Protected Button Top Battery - Samsung 35E 18650 3500mAh 8A - Protected Button Top Battery
  2. m4x5 Flat screws
  3. - Screen protector (IT IS PERFECT!!! - make sure you install it AFTER getting the front part assembled, it will be right on with the frame window).
  4. - D-Ring Stainless Steel Screws (M4) !! CUT IT TO NOT DAMAGE THE PCB !!
  5. - Blackberry trackball (Black)
  6. - Nooelec RTL-SDR v5
  7. - uPico expansion board
  8. - 8dBi WiFi RP-SMA Male Antenna + U.FL/IPEX to RP SMA Female Pigtail.

Waiting for my uConsole this week :slight_smile:


Would like to know how the wifi antenna goes, heard some people are having wifi issues with the original one.

I found this on Printables Printables, I want to do a mount keeping the foldable antenna in one piece so I can extend it when in use.

There is plenty space at the top of the uConsole for it:

I plan do end up with something like this (all pieces in scale 1:1 on this picture):


That looks really cool, personally i would have the antenna parallel to the top not the side of the uconsole but still looks really nice how the diagram has it. Is the extra piece (part in orange) of your making or comes with the antenna set. Also please let us know how it goes with connecting to wifi with it once its sorted.

Also would like to know how the screen protector fits too.

My plan for leaving it at the side is because the entire length of the antenna is 136mm, adding up the SMA Connector it would be long compared with the uConsole width (~134mm), leaving it vertical, it would add some vertical space. I can try both positions.

The orange part is what I want to project and 3D print, so it might be easy to make it mounted to the side or on top.

Did you managed to get the STEP files? I am in need the measures for the following:

The round corners I believe I got it right already

I tried to calibrate the image, but not sure if accurate enough, This is what I suppose the gray line measures

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Thats fair yh i would understand the over hang might not look good or be problematic, probably be cool to send up the 3d print files after its all figured out and working so that others can do the same. Im still wondering about how it might mount into place though, maybe you could either use the gap provided for the original antenna or maybe even use the the screw for the corner of the shell to attach it on as suggestions. Thats if double sided tape thats used with the original antenna doesn’t work. But yh please update us when youve got it all figured out after getting the uconsole and sorting out the 3d print.

I put the antenna inside because if I stuck it on the outside, I would definitely break the solder joints in a few days. :sweat_smile:

Negative. I’ve asked multiple times.

You should make a hackrf sleeve for the back and turn it into a portapak.

For rx only though, you can’t beat nooelec’s gear and a good up/down converter.