Emulators tested with OS v0.3 + lima driver

I can’t get any of the snex9x cores working with lima driver. Gameshell screen goes black when I try to load a game. And I need to force reboot to get the screen work again.
Also mgba and pcsx cores not always working.

did you try launcher/Retro Games instead of retroarch memu?

sorry, yes.
I tried snes9x (2005 Plus), sameboy and mgba as well as nestopia.

Interesting, I remember they are not working. I’ll check it out again.

with sdl2 or gl as video driver setting? I got crashes on sdl2

I got crash on gl. sdl2 is fine.

Would the old board with less RAM have a negative effect on this driver?

I turned off Vsync and every emulator(retroarch) is working with Lima driver.

Vsync is the main reason I use lima, so I can’t turn off it.
Even there is no vsync, you can also benefit from energy save when use GPU render. So that’s OK.

changed to sdl2 and retroarch crashes on start up, had to change it manually back to gl by editing the config file.

@riverscn have you found a way to avoid the sound glitches using mGBA? Thank you for writing this by the way! it should be merged with RetroArch Megathread or at leas it should be a sticky too for people using 0.3 and Lima.

Edit: I found a fix, described here: PSA: Fix for sound issues on mGBA

I use gpSP instead…

Which revision are you using?

Thanks! gpSP runs really smooth! Dynarec is so damn powerful :joy:

Hello Can someone put an example of how is the final action.config file? I have v0.3 OS and sdl2 but when I click on any option I back to th main menu.

I don’t know where i need to put this:
in launcher’s action.config file of each core:

for example my actual action.config file for SNES is:

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Can someone explain what you mean by “launcher’s action.config”? I have no clue where that is in the file structure. Also side-note, I was able to add the https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/linux/armv7-neon-hf/latest/ to my retroarch.cfg but I am not able to get Gambatte working on lima. Any ideas?

Lima is not 100% perfect for stable operation in any game simulator

and for the action.config

~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/ for example

every emulator has an action.config file to define the behavior for retroarch

ROM=/home/cpi/games/MAME  <- This directory must exist.
ROM_SO=/home/cpi/apps/emulators/mame2003_plus_libretro.so  <- The. so file used by retroarch is specified
EXT=zip  <- the extension of legitimate emulator ROM files 
LAUNCHER=retroarch -L <- Maybe you don't need to change this at all
TITLE=MAME Roms <- The title of that emulator's page in Launcher
EXCLUDE=neogeo.zip <- something you don't want to show up 
SO_URL=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cuu/emulators/master/mame2003_plus_libretro.so.zip <- tell launcher where to download the .so file of retroarch

to change or add
you need to ssh into gameshell first

all the stuff above starts from <- should not be in the real action.config, just for explanatory note

Is it worth upgrading to 0.3 yet ? Still on the earlier version.

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My game, Omamori, has pretty severe graphical gitches and low fps on Lima.
It’s running on LÖVE. (love2d)