Working gPSP file link

This is the best GBA emulator there is, and it works 100%.

Download from HERE and drag the .so file into “/home/cpi/apps/emulators” and into “/home/cpi/.config/retroarch/cores”

You will need to google the GBA BIOS file, I can’t link it. Once acquired, make sure it is in your system directory (set the directory in Retroarch)
The emu WILL NOT FUNCTION without the bios in the right folder.

Also, the pcsx core works just as well as the Standalone included with the unit, but the “.so” file blends into the OS smoother, so I recommend using that. It’s much more cohesive.

Enjoy, everyone!


@Paneer here ya go fam

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Let me know if the link goes dead at any point in time and I’ll fix.

Hello, so I just received my GS and have been testing it with the emulators that came with it and the ones available through retroarch. I am not sure what makes these different from the ones available through retroarch or from the retroarch build bot ( Can you explain the difference? Thanks.

I can’t explain it because I didn’t build them, however…

Try them out and you’ll see the differences.

Thanks so much! This is the first time I’ve been able to get good results with GBA emulation on this system.

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I just tried it too and it works flawlessy. Awesome, thank you!

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@Micro007: do you know the magic behind your gPSP build, that is what flags were set when compiling that makes your version perform better on the GameShell than the build that can be downloaded via the retroarch core browser. (I assume these are builds for the Raspberry Pi?)

Click HERE and download the fmsx file. I use that, and it allows save states.

only issue i’ve found with GpSP is that you can’t save in the US version of final fantasy tactics advance for some reason

anyone know a fix / patch / whatever for this issue? if not ill just play the EU version of the rom lol

I’m just heading to bed but I’ll look into it tomorrow!

Hey man sorry I just saw your comment.

I didn’t build the gPSP file. @fr500 did. So he’d be the dude to ask!

No magic.
I just build on the CPI itself.

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why the size of is so big

and the on
is so small
both are made by fr500,right?

and the bios is

a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6  gba_bios.bin


I’ve tested
so pity it won’t work with lima’s mesa library

even disable lima

But it’s the most awesome emulator I’ve ever see on GS, only takes less than 20% cpu

so wonderful

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@guu probably forgot to strip the core
the ones on buildbot are stripped and built without dynarec or neon.

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Ironically this link no longer works.

My Dropbox link should still work. I just opened it!!!

sorry…file not exist