Sega Master System

Hi All

Could anybody get Sega Master System to work?
I can’t find any RetroArch cores for the GS ( , but see there is one for RetroArch itself - (

I’ve not tried it, BUT assume it won’t work?

Any thoughts?

There possibly isn’t one specifically for sega master system, since PicoDrive runs them. The Picodrive core is actually one that does a lot of Sega consoles!

It’s a bit messy, but you can actually just put your master system roms in the same directory as your megadrive/genesis/gamegear/sega cd/32x/pico etc roms.

There’s also a standalone PicoDrive app you can install for the gameshell.

Early on, there were some speed issues with Sega emulation, but I’m fairly sure most of them are now sorted out.

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Ah! I have PicoDrive, I’ll add the file extension to config file :smiley:

Much appreciated @javelinface #staysafe

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Yeah! Picodrive should come on the stock 0.5 image.
Ooh good idea re: adding more extensions! I shall do the same with my custom images and configs!

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Added the extension, and it’s working brilliantly :smiley:
Can’t wait for the next Custom Image :fireworks:

Hold off for about an hour! I accidentally overwrote the action.config file of PicoDrive with PCSX while doing some editing! It will be worth the wait!

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HAHA! No problem at all. Will wait a few hours. :tada: