Retroarch + linuxraw broken in 0.3

So I recently installed the latest release of the OS 0.3 found here;

Then followed the defacto-standard for RetroArch, found here:

Which resulted in a Retcharch v1.7.6.

But when I adjust the:
input_drive = “x” TO input_driver = “linuxraw”
Save, and restart Retroarch, it simply locks up / crashes. Only way to recover is to ssh in, and kill it. Same applies to: input_joypad_driver = “udev” & linuxraw.

Is there something specific about linuxraw, like permissions perhaps that needs to be changed? Also, It’s fairly hard to debug without a log file, any idea how to turn that on? (or where it can be found)

Oh, and setting the driver to “gl” also crashes retroarch.

Anyone run into this? Figured out a way around it?


you enabled lima gpu driver?

if you use lima, sdl2 is the only one video_driver working right now

and the linuxraw, never used before