Emulators won't work anymore! "Invaid"?

I woke up today wanting to tinker with my GameShell, and none of the emulators work all of a sudden.

Both NES and SNES worked perfectly yesterday, but now when I try to launch a game, it prompts me to download the emulator again for some reason, I agree and get “Invaid” at download screen. My guess is that it means to say “Invalid”.

Does anyone know a simple solution to this problem?


So strange

Invalid means url or download dest folder error

do you know how to ssh into GameShell ?

looks like need get into GS to find the problem

Just started having this same issue on everything last week after connecting to the wifi but not doing anything with it. I assume it downloaded an update or something since the ip changed too from to ???

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Everything looks correct still but keep getting invalid. Going into retroarch also I stil lcan’t manually open any games?

Screen goes black and bumps me back into the menu and says “Failed to load libretro core” on games for any console that I’ve played before.

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