Genesis Emulator Not working

Hello All,
I finally got a chance to restore and update my gameshell but now as i’ve uploaded games to it and trying to run it now its only saying downloading and does not progress. any suggestions for what is the problem

I’m guessing you’re using the core used with Retroarch? If it’s having trouble downloading, perhaps the link in the action file is wrong/outdated. Which version of the gameshell image are you using? I can possibly check the ones ive got to see if it needs fixing.

Meantime, you can manually download the core if you know the name from here:

Put the file in the apps/emulators folder. That should hopefully do the trick.

Its the newest update but how exactly would input the file in the apps/emulator folder? would i do it via tiny cloud?

Yup! That should do it. Either put it in as the Zip file that you download it as, or put in the extracted .so file.

Re: version, different customised images that are on the forums here that users have submitted sometimes alter the installation directory, and/or update the action file er.

I take it you mean the 0.4 official image? I’m just wanting to download it and double check to see if there’s an internal problem with the URL in the action file.