Enable SSH when experimenting

Very basic advice but easy forget: When messing around with your new uConsole and trying different desktops, display managers and whatever, do yourself a favour and enable sshd (it’s disabled by default) so when you mess up you can login on a shell from another computer and fix things, which is much less of a hassle than running plain terminal on the device itself.

Of course, all the usual things regarding SSH apply: change the default port, use keys, disallow root.


Very helpful information, thank you!

controversial opinion: ssh as root is fine as long as your password is complicated enough, or you use keys

Changing the SSH port is not only against the ssh standard it is also security by obscurity. Not needed and not truly security.

You should use keys unless you use something that prevents brute force attacks like fail2ban.

I didn’t say that changing the port is a security thing at all, just that it’s a common thing people do. And they do it to avoid filling their logs with login attempts for bots, so more for reducing an annoyance than actual security. It’s probably less relevant on a non-server device.

While I understand you didn’t really state it’s for security you did say “the usual” which I would argue since it’s against the standard and can break things/make things more complicated. It shouldn’t be the “the usual” for anyone or any device.

I said it’s against the standard and “also” security by obscurity. If you have a problem with your logs filling up putting restraints on your log rotation would be the proper solution.