Uconsole can't login after updates?

The most annoying thing has happened the device said there were updates ready to install done the updates and now I can’t log in anymore passwords correct but keeps going to the login screen anyone can help?

Wild guess is that your desktop environment is encountering an error but your login manager is still working. When the desktop fails to launch the login manager just stays on screen. I googled your issue and this thread may have some good answers for you

Thanks but i have flashed to a bigger sd card now.

This is a bit of a joke with the new update same thing has happened again this needs to be fixed. So now stuck with a uconsole i cant use or login since the last update.

Hi jutleys… if you flip over to a text console, does your username/pass work?
(ctrl-alt-Fx to swich away from X. Maybe ctrl-alt-F2 or F3 ?)

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None of them combinations work switching to x

I don’t have mine yet, and the keyboard is a little weird with the Fn key. On that physical keyboard it might be something like Ctrl-Alt-Fn-3… It might be easier if you can temporarily plug in an external USB keyboard.

[CTRL] + [ALT] + [FN] + Number 1-6 Works for me usually. But I have armbian. Have you setup a ssh Server?

That worked looged in but i get this now.

I saw in your other thread that you’d found some fixes for some out-of-the-box issues, and one of them was a change to your .profile. I’d probably take a look at it using whatever editor you can find on there. Maybe:
$ nano ~/.profile

Without seeing what’s going on around/before line 31, there’s no way to know.

But what’s good is that logging in like that tells us that at least your image isn’t borked, and that your login is still good.

Update fixed by doing the below.
On Log in screen press Fn+Ctrl+Alt F3 then type the commands below.

sudo rm /bin/sh
sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh


or just sudo ln -sf /bin/bash /bin/sh


Fixed my first 256gb card too now so atleast i have 2 cards to play with one for testing and other for stable stuff.

What does that do? Changes the shell?


Yep, changes it to bash, just like how Archlinux does it…