Expansion Idea: Soundcard!

I bought a devterm without any idea what I was going to use it for, and now I think I know. I want to make a digital instrument using Pure Data.

Looking into some of the things people have made to use Pd, I came across some videos of a rasPi with a soundcard hat.

Is there any interest in a soundcard for the Devterm?


I’d love to be able to use mine as a synth, I’d thought about trying to install a few for fun

A tiny synth expansion that would generate the audio sounds real fun!
I’m immediately reminded of M8 Tracker. That one’s actually powered by a Teensy microcontroller.


Quick plug to my thread about using the EXT for porting pi hats: https://forum.clockworkpi.com/t/designing-a-ext-prototyping-breakout-with-raspberry-pi-hat-compatibility/

Here’s my hookup:

Just waiting on my A04! But when it arrives I’ll be posting my progress on getting this soundcard to work.

EDIT: Another pic. That PCB with the hat reduces to half-size. So those audio connectors will sit right inside the printer hatch.


[quote=“DustinWoods, post:4, topic:7181”]
A04! But when it arrives I’ll be posting my progress on getting this soundcard to work.

porting pi hats is an awesome idea!

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I was looking at Orca as a sequencer and I don’t know exactly what for a synth.


I had the same idea myself!

Neat! Porting the hats over is a really good idea going forward. I did notice that they had the GPIO connector and thought that I should look into what is available. Just got my a06 and just starting to see what I can make it do.

Hal retweeted this: https://twitter.com/patriciogv/status/1520857693484986371
I have also tried Orca+OPZ, works like a charm

I was thinking “hmm why not use the 40pin fpc connector instead of a full ext. breakout board…” and I mapped it out:

There’s no way this is going to be useful, and @DustinWoods 's way is the only right way.

right, so we only have a handful of GPIO available even if we took one of the FPC headers out on a ribbon… sad :frowning:

Worry not:

Can also fit a Maya22 USB soundcard in there I believe. Did that once to my other cyberdeck/synth thing, when you remove the tall audio jack from the board the height should be acceptable.