[extension] 4 usb hub extension board

To clarify, this isn’t the same board that the OP designed right? This is the uHub which is a different thing altogether?

I just got mine in, works great. The plastic cover doesn’t fit very well, seems off by a bit.

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Yeah, there was a small offset. :confused:
3D model on github is fixed now.

Thanks, I do have access to printers.

I have small files a drill… and a rubber hammer :wink:

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Ooohh… Cool! Is it available for sale?

Great, that will be very useful.

hey, nice project. I am interested in doing it myself. Could you clarify “C11, C12” values?

I would love one of these too! Populated as my soldering skills are less than ideal when dealing with smaller things. Shoot me a message!


i have this board not had a chance to plug anythig imto it usb c hub with ethernet car 6 just came in…

This just came in the mail today. I don’t have my uConsole yet, but am excited to have more than one USB port when it does eventually show up!

Thank you!


Board arrived today, now just waiting for the uConsole. Anyone know the specification for the internal USB connector? I would like to order one from Digikey and install it. Going to see if I can get a WisBlock to fit inside and run of the internal USB.

Hello, anyone from Europe was able to order this? Can you please share how? (I am in France)


Hi all! I’m interested too, I’m also living in France :wink:

(Ca fait plaisir un compatriote ici!)
(It pleases a compatriot here!)


Hello everyone. Nice project. I need this.
How Can i have one ?
I m in France

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any chance to buy a prepopulated one in germany?


It seems there is no way to get this in Europe (the person who makes them in the US does not reply to messages). Maybe someone would be willing to make some IN europe so we can all buy?


Dotcypress is active in the Discord, and added an option to ship to Canada when I requested it. Might be worth reaching out there?