Fastest Storage for OS?

Hey Folks,

I was wondering what people are using for storage?

I was planning to use a usb drive or an ssd but just realized the ports are 2.0.

Any input? Finally need to pick up a drive.



Do you mean external storage? I think USB 2.0 is the most you can get without hardware modification. Use anything support USB 2.0 would be fine.

The OS should not on external USB devices as the internal USB hub is only powered after turning on some regulators in the PMU, unless your n-th stage bootloader on the uSD or eMMC card can handle that.

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I would like to hear from people who understand these things better than I, but there are large differences in read/write speeds of SD cards that are not always evident when choosing. Which SDs are the most appropriate for running an OS from?

I always use industrial grade microSD cards after trashing so many cheap ones over the years(10+!) on Raspberry Pi and Gumstix. SanDisk makes 16GB industrial that are slow but fairly affordable. I just kind of accept the slowness and focus on using a light weight OS that doesn’t block trying to access large amounts of storage.

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This is the deal breaker. Thanks for the info.

I hate how often sd cards fail. Will have to be religious with backups.

eMMC is way faster than an SD card.

On a regular 4 I would run a sata SSD.
How much work is it to get an eMMC compute module working?

The issue is that you will need a seperate CM4 carrier board to flash the CM4 as the functionality is not supported on the Uconsole. If you have one, not difficult and takes about 10 minutes. In my case, i have a SEEED Studio ReTerminal and Biqu Rasperry Pad 5 knocking about so I may get off my lazy ass and try, as and when I get my Uconsole.