Favourites and disappearing games

I’ve set up a good few emulators now, got my games sorted. Managed to follow instructions and get new icons on the home screen, however I’ve accidentally ‘favourited’ some games and they’ve disappeared. Where do they go and how do you get them back?

(I feel stupid asking this, but there you go)


I did that too, assuming you’re talking within the Retro Games section. I had to press right to get to the favourites list, and Y removes them from favourites and puts them back where they were before.

Clockwork could really have made that clearer!


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Thanks mate! And yes sorry I always forget about the topic choice.

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I’m a retro-game fanatic. I have next-gen consoles. I loved RDR2 and I play an inane amount of chel… but when it comes to the bread and butter of my gaming, the retropie and the gameshell are life.

I particularily like ROM hacks, and homebrew. It’s neat seeing what people are making TODAY with older technology. Tanglewood is an incredible game just released for the Sega Genesis (2018) I recommend trying it out. There is also a pokemon hack for GBA called “Pokémon Ultra Violet” its a definitive game, and very well made.

Metroidvania homebrews are fantastic. Cave Story obviously included. Lately I’ve been looking for some really good JRPGs from the 8/16 bit era. I’ll even go up to PS1 if you guys have any pointers!

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