RetroAchievments (Cheevos)

Okay. I found “” and it breathes new life into a ton of games I play on the GS. Signup, and edit retroarch config and start earning trophies from retro games!

Imagine if Super Mario World or Pokemon Red has trophies? Minish Cap? ChronoTrigger?

Definitely makes playing more fun. 10/10 recommend.

Link here


This is pretty cool, thanks! I’ve just set it up on my retropie, too :slight_smile:

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No problem!

I had a lot of games that said “No achievments available”

I just got new ROMs and it fixed it :slight_smile:

Good to know, I saw that on a couple of games too but I haven’t tested much yet. Some also worked and showed me I got 0 of xy achievements :slight_smile:

I did this as well, Heres more information how to setup:

  1. Go to their website and create a username and password (Be mindful that your password will be in plain text on the .cfg file)

  2. Using WinSCP or other tool to edit .cfg files, navigate to /home/cpi/.config/retroarch and edit retroarch.cfg.

  3. Find cheevos_enable = "false" and change it to "true".

  4. Find the following lines and add your username and password between quotation marks:

    cheevos_username = “”
    cheevos_password = “”

  5. Save and launch retroarch or your other games using the platform.


There is an app on the App Store too. (I assume it’s on the play store) called “RetroCheevos”

Makes it real easy to track your retro achievements


This is pretty cool, and I like that they link to some homebrews.
Their dev page has nothing about how to design new games that support their cheevos, but I’d love to integrate my new WIP into a CPI achievement.

I just checked the Google Play Store since I’m on Android, there’s an app called “Retro Achievements”. It seems to be an early release with not many features, but it works :slight_smile:

I don’t seem to have these lines in my config file. What do I do?

Just add them at them in

Thank you much,. Do I just add them anywhere?

Achievements made games cool for me on the Xbox. The trophies don’t inspire me to play for them on the PS4 though so it’s weird how that works.

Excited to give this a try! Thanks! Now to work out how RetroArch actually works and also make the buttons work when binding in RetroArch since I installed 0.3!

Now they have an official app just called “Retro Achievements”. But Retro Cheevos seems to be better.