RetroAchievments (Cheevos)


Okay. I found “” and it breathes new life into a ton of games I play on the GS. Signup, and edit retroarch config and start earning trophies from retro games!

Imagine if Super Mario World or Pokemon Red has trophies? Minish Cap? ChronoTrigger?

Definitely makes playing more fun. 10/10 recommend.

Link here


This is pretty cool, thanks! I’ve just set it up on my retropie, too :slight_smile:


No problem!

I had a lot of games that said “No achievments available”

I just got new ROMs and it fixed it :slight_smile:


Good to know, I saw that on a couple of games too but I haven’t tested much yet. Some also worked and showed me I got 0 of xy achievements :slight_smile: