Fixing ChocoDM (Chocolate Doom)

After an update, whatever previous engine was used to play Doom games (maybe PrBoom+?) was replaced by Chocolate Doom, and it kinda broke everything, but it can be fixed, as I’ve just discovered. If anyone else has had these problems like me, hopefully this will help. (I didn’t see this information on the board yet.)

The first thing you’re going to want to do is move the wad files. The wad files are the actual contents of the game. On the update, the directory was moved, but the files weren’t, so you’re going to have to move them.

If you’re connecting via a graphical browser (which you probably are if you’re on Windows), move the contents from the /home/cpi/games/FreeDM directory to the /home/cpi/games/ChocoDM directory. Via ssh, that would look like this–

mv ~/games/FreeDM/* ~/games/ChocoDM/

FYI, you should be able to add the original Doom and Doom 2 files, too, which you can probably buy on I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t guarantee that it works, but the shareware version of the wad file does. (My copy of Doom is on my Android phone, and I wasn’t able to find the wad files to try on the Gameshell.)

The next thing you’re going to want to do is fix the controls. Chocolate Doom has a setup program, but it’s not listed in the main Gameshell menu, so you’re going to have to open up DinguxCommander from the Utils menu.

You’ll start out in the home directory, so go up a few directories to get to / (the root directory). Then go to usr, then games, then activate chocolate-doom-setup. You’ll get a choice between viewing and execute, and you’ll hit execute. (You can’t run this program via SSH, FYI.)

From this tiny text, you’ll be able to configure the keyboard. (And be sure to select “Configure Keyboard”, not Mouse or Gamepad/Joystick.) Within this menu, you can use the MENU button as cancel and Start button as confirm-- ABXY won’t do anything.

The keys displayed on the screen won’t match the button names after you set them, but that’s fine. That’s just because ABXY on the Gameshell map to jkui, and shift+ABXY map to hlyo.

You’ll probably want to configure some movement to make strafing easier, but you’ll definitely want to configure Fire/Attack and Use in the Action box. The “More Controls…” option lets you define keys for cycling weapons and the “Other Keys…” option lets you define a key for toggling the map, among many other options, including one very important option: You’ll want to define the “Confirm action” key, or else you won’t be able to exit the game!

To leave the menu, you don’t want to select “Save parameters and launch DOOM,” because that will launch you into a deathmatch game with no other players. Instead, hit the MENU button to exit, and it’ll ask you if you want to save the settings.

Once you set up the controls the way you like, the game should be playable (immediately after launching Chocolate Doom, you’ll probably have to hit X to rescan the directory if it still says it’s empty), but your savegame names will be stuff like “uuuu” since you don’t have a keyboard. :\

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