Running Doom and Heretic

If you’re like me and love Doom and need it on every device then the first thing you’re gonna do is load your Doom wads on your GameShell. In this post I’m going to detail what I did to possibly save you some time. This tutorial is for Windows users but should translate easily enough if you use something else.

I grabbed WinSCP and connected via SFTP with the ssh login listed in the Tiny Cloud app. The IP for the host name. ID for username. Key for password. Then log in.
Navigate to “/home/cpi/games/” and create a directory called “Doom” then dump your wad files into it. iwads work the best. If you bought Doom on Steam avoid those wads because they will cause chocolate-doom to crash.
Navigate to “/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/” and create a directory called 30_Doom. Why 30_Doom? I have no idea. Seems to be the numbered convention for the folder system and I didn’t question it.
Made 3 files in this folder. Doom, Doom, and Each has the following information respectively.

  • chocolate-doom -iwad /home/cpi/games/Doom/doom.wad
  • chocolate-doom -iwad /home/cpi/games/Doom/doom2.wad
  • chocolate-heretic -iwad /home/cpi/games/Doom/heretic.wad

The configuration files are hidden but you can find them by hitting the open directory/bookmark button or CTRL+O and goto “/home/cpi/.chocolate-doom” then open and edit the Doom and Heretic cfg files. Here’s is a copy of mine for Doom and Heretic. Save it and I’ll explain the controls below. The most important thing is to set show_endoom 0 or else you will be forced to hard boot your device on game end.
Navigate to “/home/cpi/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/” and mimic the layout from steps 3 and 4. Create the same 30_Doom directory here as before and give it an icon by putting a picture with the same name as it, Doom.png below, in the same directory as it. Then inside that 30_Doom directory place the other three 80x80 pngs that correspond to SH files we created in step 4.
Doom.png, Doom 1.png, Doom 2.png, Heretic.png
Doom%201 Doom%201 Doom%202 Heretic

Controls explained
First off I use the SNES layout over XBOX. So my Y to confirm the game exit is swapped. I keep autorun off because I will over shoot a turn while aiming. And makes long range aiming very tough. I like to have strafe mapped right under the fire button so I can hold both and fire strafing around a corner. Item select is more of a thing for Heretic.

  • Y: Fire
  • B: Strafe
  • A: Run
  • X: Use
  • Start: Next Weapon
  • Select: Previous Weapon
  • Shift Menu: Map
  • Shift Start: Next Item
  • Shift Select: Previous Item
  • Shift X: Use Item

If you followed and were successful there’s more you can do. I created another folder in the Doom folder called 10_Extras which contain other SH files to play other wads like Chex Quest. It’s as simple as changing the wad name files from step 4. Also you can run chocolate doom/heretic setup by create an SH file that is just “chocolate-doom-setup” without quotes or “chocolate-heretic-setup”



Thank you for this! I was hoping to update the wads with my full copy of doom!

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Some menu items have a number prefixes just for ordering (“10_Foo” < “20_Bar” < “Foo” < “foo”)

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I followed your instructions but I can’t see the icon on the menu. Where I can have access to this game? I think it is not in FreeDoom.

Heretic! Man I used to watch my Dad play that on the oldest PC I’ve ever seen haha! Loved it. Thanks for this!

You’re right. I messed up. Step 3 was supposed to be create the 30_Doom folder in:

  • /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/

And not the following:

  • /home/cpi/games/launcher/Menu/GameShell/

Sorry about that and thanks for pointing out my mistake. I edited the post above to fix the mistake. To fix this move that 30_Doom folder with the .sh files to “/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/” and delete the extra /launcher/ directory you might have created in “/home/cpi/games/”. The /games/Doom/ folder was just to hold doom wads.

The icons of “IconArchive” also work well on the GameShell if you prefer full colored images:

The 128x128 icons are enough considering the size of the screen. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, now it works :slight_smile:

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People here might also be interested in Hexen. Works the same.

Copy the Doom configuration files to Hexen configuration files:

cd .chocolate-doom
cp chocolate-doom.cfg chocolate-hexen.cfg
cp default.cfg hexen.cfg

Make a script to your uploaded Hexen WAD:

echo "chocolate-hexen -iwad ~/games/Hexen/HEXEN.WAD" > ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/

I also got Hexen II working natively, but that works differently.

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Did you have to do any special setup of buttons in your heretic file? it seems my copy of yours didn’t assign buttons properly.

I just used his doom controls and put them in the heretic file.

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My last post here was about Hexen.

Copy the Doom configuration files to Heretic configuration files:

cd .chocolate-doom
cp chocolate-doom.cfg chocolate-heretic.cfg
cp default.cfg heretic.cfg
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I went to the actual Chocolate-doom website and downloaded the windows Versions. they contain key mapping EXEs that make proper default and chocolate doom configs.

  • Use the Key Mapping in the setup executable
  • Copy and paste the default and chocolate-doom.cfg key mappings into your configs on the device.

You can set the keybinds on the Gameshell by running chocolate-doom-setup or chocolate-heretic-setup. Had problems blanking out all keybinds in the config program on the Gameshell and was getting bind overlaps so I just went through the cfg text and put -1 for every key value. Then went back into setup and carefully picked the ones I wanted. You can do the same. The one thing that the config programs wouldn’t let me set is show_endoom which is on by default. Gotta change that one by hand.

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First off, thanks for this guide, well happy having Doom and Doom 2 running on the Gameshell. Everything is running fine except Heretic, I can’t seem to shoot. I downloaded your config file, couldn’t shoot, then I copied the Doom config and renamed it to the Heretic config, but it won’t let me shoot either. I can run about and the Start and Select buttons work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


had the same type of issue. try my config

for heretic.cfg - Completely replace with:
mouse_sensitivity 5
sfx_volume 10
music_volume 10
key_right 77
key_left 75
key_up 72
key_down 80
key_strafeleft 21
key_straferight 24
key_flyup 73
key_flydown 81
key_flycenter 0
key_lookup 38
key_lookdown 35
key_lookcenter 54
key_invleft 22
key_invright 27
key_useartifact 28
key_fire 37
key_use 23
key_strafe 56
key_speed 0
use_mouse 1
mouseb_fire 0
mouseb_strafe 1
mouseb_forward 2
use_joystick 0
joyb_fire 0
joyb_strafe 1
joyb_use 3
joyb_speed 2
screenblocks 9
snd_channels 8
snd_musicdevice 3
snd_sfxdevice 3
snd_sbport 0
snd_sbirq 0
snd_sbdma 0
snd_mport 0
usegamma 0
chatmacro0 “No”
chatmacro1 “I’m ready to kick butt!”
chatmacro2 “I’m OK.”
chatmacro3 “I’m not looking too good!”
chatmacro4 “Help!”
chatmacro5 “You suck!”
chatmacro6 “Next time, scumbag…”
chatmacro7 “Come here!”
chatmacro8 “I’ll take care of it.”
chatmacro9 “Yes”

For chocolate-heretic.cfg, replace your info starting at key assignment:
key_pause 69
key_menu_activate 1
key_menu_up 72
key_menu_down 80
key_menu_left 75
key_menu_right 77
key_menu_back 14
key_menu_forward 28
key_menu_confirm 21
key_menu_abort 49
key_menu_help 59
key_menu_save 60
key_menu_load 61
key_menu_volume 62
key_menu_detail 63
key_menu_qsave 64
key_menu_endgame 65
key_menu_messages 66
key_menu_qload 67
key_menu_quit 68
key_menu_gamma 87
key_spy 88
key_menu_incscreen 13
key_menu_decscreen 12
key_menu_screenshot 0
key_map_toggle 57
key_map_north 72
key_map_south 80
key_map_east 77
key_map_west 75
key_map_zoomin 13
key_map_zoomout 12
key_map_maxzoom 11
key_map_follow 33
key_map_grid 34
key_map_mark 50
key_map_clearmark 46
key_weapon1 2
key_weapon2 3
key_weapon3 4
key_weapon4 5
key_weapon5 6
key_weapon6 7
key_weapon7 8
key_weapon8 9
key_prevweapon 71
key_nextweapon 79
key_message_refresh 28
key_demo_quit 16
key_multi_msg 20
key_multi_msgplayer1 34
key_multi_msgplayer2 21
key_multi_msgplayer3 19
key_multi_msgplayer4 48

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Thanks for that, it works a treat now and I can shoot. Only thing I need to now is map the strafe button and it’ll be perfect. I reckon if I look more into the configs you put up, I should manage to work out how to get that done.

Right now I have strafe left and right mapped to the 2nd and 4th light key.

Ah! Starting to regret not picking up a light key :slightly_frowning_face:

Really want these on my GS. I’m confused where I should get Doom and Heretic from? If I can’t use steam is there another place I can buy them from that work? Also is it the PC version I buy? This sounds like a stupid question as I only remember it being on PC but just in case :joy: