Frontal DevTerm Renders for UX Mockup

Hey folk,

This is the machine I’ve been dreaming of for years, printer, trackball, modular, ultra widescreen, open source.
My partner gifted me one seeing it on Hackernews, after being instantly reminded of my incoherent ramblings on where computers branched of into the wrong timeline.
So first of all, thanks for making that dream come true.:sparkles:
This is the last computer I ever wanna use :joy:.

Could you provide the community with some nice full frontal images?
It would make UX work a bit more fun and also easier in terms of what screen compositions fit well with the overall design. :grin:

Again, amazing work, feels like I’m dreaming.:heart:

// :black_circle:


You are lucky, there is one in the shop section of CPi website:


@Godzil: Good find! Thanks!

I’ve just started work on an ObservableHQ frontend for the DevTerm, so your find is already being put to use! :smile_cat: