How to change the button layout in MGBA?

Personally, I prefer the Nintendo layout. So in the system setting, I set the button layout as SNES type and swapped the buttons accordingly.

However, now I have an issue with MGBA (I only tried this emulator, not sure about other things, but, the DOOM’s layout is the same before and after changing as well). So it is really uncomfortable to play.

Any idea what to do? And btw, the emulator doesnt work very smooth (sound is bad, and the image is really blurred), any further recommendations?

One final thing, I am not familiar with the Linux/pi coding. Is there any music making software I can find? Or some coding app for the GS (so I can do some coding on the GS)?


EMMM. I have similar problem I wanna remap XY button to LR on MGBA. but I cannot change it in retroarch.

You should be able to open the retroarch menu while in game, and change the keys in “Controls”. Here you can cycle through the various roles for each button. Take care not to assign more than one key to a role.