Game Shell freezeing


Hey I just flashed to the version three of the OS and when I play a mgba,MAME,or NES game and press start button the screen on the gameshell freezes but I can still use the controls and navigate but the picture stays the same until I turn it off. I have looked at my retroarch settings and don’t have start(Enter) set to anything else but start. On the other hand when I play prince of Persia, cave story, or Open Tyrian there no freezing. Does anyone know how to fix this or if it’s just an OS version three glitch. Any info or help is appreciated.


I’ve seen similar issue.


You have, can you point me to where I can find where they talk about this and how to fix it please. I have read comments from different topics but haven’t really found something to help and going through all these topics is gonna take some time. So if you can point me In the right direction it would really help.

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Any news on this issue?