GameShell Freezes on 3rd rom loaded

Hi All

Whenever I play GS, it freezes up on the 3rd game/rom I load. I then have to hard reset it - which takes about 5 min to reboot. I have customized the layout of mine, and removed a few menu items, but everything still boots and runs perfectly.

I am running the following:

  • OS Image V0.5 (original)
  • Launcher 1.25
  • RetroArch 1.8.1

Has anybody experienced this “issue”?

I will probably do a fresh install, but slightly annoyed to have recustomise my menu :stuck_out_tongue:

There used to be a similar issue where it would “freeze” after around 13 launches that I investigated, reported and was fixed by @guu. It was caused by a file descriptor leak, so once all the file descriptors were used up, it could no longer launch the launcher.

I wonder if it is back in some form? @guu?

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Hmmmm, thanks @Cecilectomy.
That link was informative.

I am actually about to do a fresh install then retest this issue.
Hoping it will resolve :smiley:

I am not sure
os v0.5 seems fine now

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Thanks @Cecilectomy and @guu.

I did a fresh install of OS V0.5 - and it’s running 100%.
It probably happened when I customized the menu.

Going to test this theory :smiley:

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Interesting. I also have a custom menu, and am experiencing a freeze after playing a game/rom multiple times. It wasn’t consistent though, I think the first and second time It froze after 4-5 launches, the third time it was about 7-8 launches (all were same gameboy game, 2048 homebrew, using the gambatte retroarch core). I saw nothing in the /tmp/x.log

I’ll flash a fresh v0.5 to another sd card and continue testing on both the fresh and my current sd cards, and see if I find anything.

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At 1st I assumed it was MAME/NEOGEO roms, seeing as they big, but happened more on GBA/GB roms, which I’ve been playing more these last couple weeks.

Cool, can’t wait to see your results - but no pressure at all, there’s no rush.

There was a problem I was having with some scripts for games not running from the correct directory. This mainly affected standalone emulators that rely on plugins, configs, bios files etc being in the same directory they’re running from. Instead, it ended up running from the home directory.

In particular it affected my use of Emulationstation as a front end. It maintained happened when either switching between Retroarch and standalones, or after fiddling with settings, resulting in a crash.

I haven’t had one since using my own custom image, but that could also be to do with having things working, and not needing to fiddle. I’ve also upgraded the underlying Linux version to Debian Buster, and generally keep everything apt updated.

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