Games repository

I’m happy owner of GameShell, unfortunately quite busy and don’t have much time to work with it to get some games on to it. That’s why I started to think about some small project to build some kind of games, and in the future who knows maybe app repository for GameShell like on Linux or even Google or Apple store :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m willing to share server space for that project, unfortunately don’t have enough knowledge and time to work with it.

What’s your opinion about it? Is there someone willing to join to that project?


The GameShell introduced this concept called Warehouse indie games from the gameshell get published there, and other people build their own warehouses with their games.

Ok, my fault, I was thinking more about some repository for old roms and emulators for them :thinking:

There are licensing concerns that come along with software. The proprietary roms would have to be licensed to protect yourself against lawsuits. This makes it cost prohibitive to accomplish what I think you want to do. There are a lot of the open source games already in most repositories. As @Petrakis pointed out the Warehouse is a way to accomplish this. I believe this less labor intensive and easier to maintain and administer then a full repository for a niche device like the gameshell. This is just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Ok, but what’s about some really old consoles like NES, oryginal GameBoy etc.? You still have to pay for those games even there is no any more those consoles available on the market?

Sadly yes, sorry. That company is known to bring lawsuits over their I. P… The last time I heard news on that front was 2019. You will have to wait till it enters the puplic domain, some 60 years or so.