Community STL Repo

If anyone wants to share any STL files for 3D printing accessories / components for the GameShell (whether custom shells, Lego-compatible housings, etc) this thread will serve as a repository to share them all in one place. I’ll be adding my own once I get the GameShell.


Probably better to use thingiverse with a special keyword/group to share that?

While Thingiverse can work for hosting it, I felt it’d be convenient to have a designated place to post either Thingiverse entries or raw STL files related to the GameShell on the community forum for easier discovery and collaboration.

Yes of course!

Was more talking that we should have a clear category there so thing would be easier to search for on thingiverse.

Well now we have a group for it and everyone is welcome to join it!

So please for all, if you have, or will have, any 3d design you want to share, which is link to the GameShell, join the group, and link your thing to the group

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Here are the links to the offical shell stl files:



meybe other similar PSP (vertically)

That Thingiverse group is empty, and the Dropbox link is dead.

Can we get the sources on instead?

The Dropbox link was a mirror of the GameShell thingiverse files which is still up.

I was just collecting the links, @yong might be able to get the STL files onto the GitHub for us though. They could have been updated since they created the Dropbox.

Well the group is empty but it is up to you people to fill it!

We will be sharing official STL files on GitHub, while the Thingverse Clockworkpi Group is a great place to share user-contributed STL files.


Will it include the lego back stl as well?

Could you please upload the stl for the Lego back if you have it? Thanks bro.

@Yong: I don’t know what tool you are using, but the STL format is not the best to be able to manipulate the file, we already have some of the STL (the front and back) that you submitted on Thingiverse, but they are difficult to print on a FDM 3d printer and it is nearly impossible to modify them as they are STL file.

It would be nice to have a more workable object format (not necessarily the native format) were we could do modifications on them.

Or having precise schematic of both cover and other part (with proper metric) so we could make compatible parts from scratch!

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@GoldenAgeNerd, @Godzil
I will ask the team to find a solution for this and get back to you later.


If the CAD files for the cases are available, those would solve the issue we’re having if they can be provided. From that, we can make our own slices for the 3D printer.


It would be great to have the buttons files as well so we can print them in different colors (SNES style).

Any news on this ? Perhaps you can share the stl/cad files so we can print our own spare parts like covers/lightkeys etc…

Lightkey + Keycaps & Lock 3D models in Blender:
Please feel free to download and feeding your printer :smiley:


Please be patient :sweat_smile:, we are tidying up the entire model file of GS.


We are sorting out the 3D files because the PCBs has been updated, the files we have are still in the engineering prototype stage… means it is not accurate.

Thanks, can you also send the file in .3dm because it’s more readable by 3D software.

PS: I really need the lego back :slight_smile: