GameShell 3D models on GitHub now

We use Blender as a product rendering solution, and all 3D models are free to download from GitHub soon:


so uh where can i buy the screen protectors from

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That’s completely unrelated. If you really want to ask for that could you do in a new topic?

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here’s an article

thing is that mine is already scratched up


can’t 3d print these, unless u find someone that can print some transparent filament

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Screen protector have nothing to do with 3d printing.

And there is virtually no 3d printing method that can allow you to print something perfectly clear like injection molded do.

I think you’re confused on what im trying to say. I was saying that we can’t print the clear cases case for the screen/mother. Who the fuck prints a screen protector

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if you want a screen protector to protect the screen from scratching, buy a 2.7 inch phone protector

if you want to make a new case for the whole mainboard, print one