Anybody selling just an outer screen I can buy?

I accidentally scratched my game shell screen, and am looking to buy a replacement. Is anyone selling one that’s inexpensive? Since it is just a single piece of plastic?

I just got an email today from clockwork with the title “Clockwork Mini Parts Warehouse Online!”

I got excited thinking it was a new mini version. Alas, it was just a way of saying that they now sell each component separately; including the screen chassis.

Its free postage, and dirt cheap anyway! I’d get the lot, and try your hand at modding any of the spare bits; in particular the battery compartment, putting in a larger capacity (NDS) battery.

Since the email just went out today, get it ASAP before they inevitably sell out from the official store on the site.

Edit: Ha! Would you look at that! It’s like someone out there is reading your mind!

Mind reading is not allowed in this community. Officials not included.:grin: