3D Printing File For Screen Module Up Shell Is Here

Hi GameShellers!
Many GameShellers have told us that they need the up shell for the screen (B3) module 'cause it is quite easy to be scratched.
We are selling module shell set now on clockworkpi.com , but we understand that most of GameShellers do not want the whole set but the single B3.
Due to production process, we can not sell it separately. So, we are releasing the STL file of single B3.
You can download this STL file then send it to a 3D print service to get a new B3.
LOVE & PEACE GameShelles!

Print as: 71.2X51.59X9.95 mm


I do wonder if there are many places that would offer 3D printing and shipping for <$20. The store price is pretty darn cheap!

I think the real gem behind these files is the ability to modify them, creating a cavity where the screen top shell meets the LCD, and epoxy resining a glass panel to the inner lip. You could even print out an opaque shell doing this.

Well molded part are cheap to make so that’s normal it is cheap. (as soon as you laverage the cost of the mold)

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I’m not sure I understand the STL file. This is intended to protect the screen while using or while transporting ? If transporting the idea is to add something in the hole ? An acrylic sheet ?

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