New 3D model/.STL files with SD card access


I’m new to this community, so this is my first post.

I uploaded the files to thingiverse:

If you want to see some more about this see my blog post:

I also replaced the closing mechanism with screws as this is easier to print. It prints entirely without support in 4h at 0.2mm /. 60mm/s

Have fun,


Awesome work! We need more content like this in these forums!

I added a back cover for the GPIO cables.

File: gameshell-ext1.stl

Half hidden cables:

Cables out:

Cables hidden:

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@p3dt excellent work ! Thanks for re-sharing your remix of the case with the community.

Any chance you have an opinion about creating stl models for the buttons for printing such as described in Community STL Repo ?

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yes, but need to find the time