Gameshell Concept Ideas

As I was daydreaming at work today while looking at my gameshell, I had an idea I was wondering if anyone else shares.
Has anyone thought about trying to add analog sticks to the device? The area below the keyboard has only the speaker module and empty space behind it. I’m not a huge sound person myself, especially since I do most of my emulation gaming at work or in public and would not mind making a sacrifice for a smaller speaker with two 3ds-style analog sticks. The design itself wouldn’t be too hard, and could easily be made with a 3d printer (Or I could even just cut a hole at the bottom). I made some sketches of my idea, and will upload them tomorrow when I get to work.

Has anyone else thought about radically modifying the case or some aspect of the device yet?
I want to hear good ideas!!!


I’d really like an alternative to the lightbar. I need the shoulder buttons, but it’s so uncomfortable, ugly, and makes the gameshell non pocket friendly… The Lego texture doesn’t help either. A normal, smooth-textured, back plate with shoulder buttons would be an instant buy for me.

The buttons on the system are also “passable” at best. They just have too much play no tacticallity. Everything is modular so if clockwork released newer and improved components I would be a very happy customer.