Clamshell Style Gameshell



I was excited to see the Gameshell when it was first announced, and I still hold a certain love for the machine, but I was disappointed by the lack of L and R buttons. What I would absolutely love to see is a clamshell design of the Gameshell that has more than the four included buttons, perhaps even a few analog sticks. I would gladly pay the extra price to see this happen. I hope ClockworkPi continues working on projects like these.


You can buy the lightkey module which adds l r zl and zr buttons


Interesting. Although I can’t seem to find a video that demonstrates this feature.


It is shown on the stretch goals of the original Kickstarter campaign. It ads l r zl and zr as well as an extra button in the middle


It looks a bit bulky for my taste. I would much rather have a clamshell design.


I agree, the ‘lightkey module’ is cool, but it’s way too bulky at the back of the device


It takes a while to get used to but it feels like second nature to me now


Yeah a clamshell design might be a bit hard as you would have to make a ribbon cable extension if it is to be like a ds or Gameboy advance sp, I think that designing anew case like the Gameboy advance would be better mainly as I personally find it more comfortable then the ds or GBA sp.