Gameshell hanging on build-dep command

Hey all, I apologize in advance for being new to this, lol, but I’m trying to clean up my retroarch install, and when I run the command

sudo apt-get build-dep retroarch

It starts running, tells me what’s going on, but seems to hang in the process for hours. The first time I ran it, I allowed it to run for about 30 mins and then gave up started over. I’ve now been running it a second time for about an hour and a half and, while my SSH client tells me the wheels are spinning, they seem to be going nowhere. Is this really how long this process takes? Thanks in advance!

have you updated your sources with sudo apt update before?

You can also try to compile retroarch without using the debian tool.
You should get it done faster, and it is easier to configure your compilation. Try to see here:

RetroArch Megathread

Yup! that ran totally smoothly.

I ended up updating gameshell OS to v0.5, updating my sources again, then running, and it worked fine!