Trying to get Retroarch to work on A06

I’ve tried building and installing retroarch using the instructions found here: RetroArch Megathread

It looks like it worked. However, when I try to download cores from inside the app, it immediately shows an overlay that says Finished–but the menu starts to glitch (still shows the previous menu overtop of the new menu items as you move around), and it never shows me the option to download cores.

I also tried installing it and the cores using apt, and that seemed to work–but it crashed a lot, and a lot of the features didn’t seem to work.

I’ve made a little progress. I found a site that recommended opening the retroarch.cfg file, and sure enough, core_updater_buildbot_cores_url was set to “”.

I changed it to “index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 (”–which I thought would be the right one. It lets me download the cores, but they fail with a “Failed to load libretro core” error message.

Is there a better site to use to download cores?

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I’ll be testing retroarch sometime this weekend. I run it on a PC build using the official Lakka distro so I could compare some of the config pointers between the two.

Have you tried loading any content and associating a core to see if they did indeed install?

Thanks @hotchalupa. I tried loading a core, but it couldn’t find any. I then tried to load content–but it wouldn’t let me, because I didn’t have any cores. So it’s definitely not loading them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I did some further research and found that the core_updater_buildbot_cores_url was set to “”. I fixed that, but apparently I’m pulling cores from the wrong place, because it let me download the cores, but they always fail when I try to launch them.

Is there a better source for cores than > nightly > linux > armv7-neon-hf > latest?

I have spent some time on this myself, this is how I made it work:

  1. Add libretro repo and install retroarch as stated on official site ( follow Ubuntu part ): RetroArch

  2. Run also: apt install retroarch-* libretro-*
    This will install additional retroarch resource files and most importantly get the right kind of libretro cores matching thr platform

  3. Now the magic; run: dpkg -L libretro-CORENAME
    Which tells you the path where cores are installed. You can just browse that in Retroarch and you are good to go. Replace CORENAME with an actual corename you installed, like libretro-mgba.



Thanks @meszarosb! So far this seems to be working well.

Oh, man, I spent all weekend going through this. I was able to finally wire up the correct paths/URLs to allow the built in core downloader to work, however the next issue I ran into is that the Retroarch buildbot doesn’t seem to build arm64 versions of their cores. So, when using either the armhf or armv7-neon-hf, Retroarch would spit out a ELFCLASS32 error.

Anyway, recapping what you’ve called out:

  1. Use the Ubuntu PPA which does bundle arm64 cores
  2. Update the retroarch.cfg file to point to the correct info directory and core directory:
libretro_directory = "/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/libretro/"
libretro_info_path = "/usr/share/libretro/info/"

To get a new core on this fella, I think you need to compile the arm64 version yourself.

Now the real question - can anyone get an SNES emulator working on this fella?

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SNES working, no issues. Meszarob’s #1 worked to get the Ubunto version going however could not run step #2. Instead, downloaded cores using libretro-super.git and then compiled the cores individually: $ git clone GitHub - libretro/libretro-super: Super repo for other libretro projects. Fetches, builds and installs.