RetroArch Packages for GameShell

I had built the RetroArch Packages for GameShell with the latest source from GitHub.
Here is the download location:!qX5nVaAZ!yiNdrcL3RHZ7jZA-fwnivw

Upload those RetroArch packages to GameShell.
Execute the following commands in the folder with uploaded packages:

sudo apt-get install fonts-mplus
sudo dpkg -i libretro-core-info_1.7.0-r201807280156-383f18f_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i retroarch-assets_1.7.0-r201806241613-69c6e99_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i retroarch_1.7.3-r201807301536-b5d5fb4_armhf.deb

To use RetroArch installed by packages (instead of the one original shipped), execute the follow command:

mv /usr/local/bin/retroarch /usr/local/bin/retroarch.cpi

You can always switch back to the original shipped version by using the following command:

mv /usr/local/bin/retroarch.cpi /usr/local/bin/retroarch

For details about RetroArch configuration and tweaking, please refer to fr500’s RetroArch Megathread. This RetroArch package is also built with configure parameters suggested by fr500. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, it runs perfectly! :grinning:

Thanks, gonna try it! Any notable changes?

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Yeah I’m runnin 1.7.3

Is it worth updating? CHANGELOGGGGG

Regarding the changlog, please refer to Commit History in github.

The last 6 characters before arch info is the short commit hash (e.g. 5a727ce in the latest retroarch package)

For the latest package retroarch_1.7.3-3201808060041-5a727ce_armhf.deb, it was compiled with the following additional configure flag: –disable-cg --enabled-neon --enable-floathard

The benefit of using package is that, you can easily downgrade to previous workable version if anything goes wrong. So, let feel free to experiment with it. =)