Gameshell PIRATE skin , Arr! (WIP)

Here is my pirate themed gameshell skin, complete with new fonts , although keep in mind it is a WIP , still missing icons in some areas

Download HERE:


Very nice and original! We definitely need more created content like this! Nice work!

I notice PCSX is in the root of the launcher menu. Would you have the custom icons in the stock conventional locations as a clockwork os 0.5 image? I’ve been toying with the idea of symbolically linking directories within a skin file, having a custom layout. Would save things breaking and making things easy to distribute.

Actually that PCSX is one i installed myself, standalone, but most of the icons are in the Retro Games folder as per the 0.5 image, that being said, i didnt really get far enough for icons for all the emulators.

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I really love how colourful this is!