Launcher Icons For Specific Games

Hey everyone!

Been a lot more active on here recently, and haven’t seen thread just dedicated to Specific Game Icons so I figured I would start one.

Here are some for the Megaman X series and Castlevania.
Hope ya’ll like em!

MMX6 COTM SONT3 MMX1 AOS MMX2 freeDM MMX3 MMX4 OpenJazz3 MMX5 HOM2 quake2



I’m slowly teaching myself how to make them. Eventually I want launcher icons for every rom I have… would look so nice!! This is a good start so THANK YOUUU

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Post em up when ya ready! <3

-edit- Here are my GBA Metroid ones :smiley:


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Wanted to post mine here as well, but apparently I can only upload one image per post!?


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ahh… now it works. I needed to gain trust level “basic” first.
I’m sticking to the grey scale theme with mine:
1944 Adventure%20Island%202 Alien%20vs%20Predator Blaster%20Master Blazing%20Lazers Blazing%20Star Bonk's%20Adventure Bonk's%20Revenge Bubble%20Bobble Bust-A-Move Cadash Castlevania Columns%20III Comix%20Zone Devil's%20Crush DoDonPachi Dr%20Mario Dragon%20Breed Earthwork%20Jim%202 Favorites Golden%20Axe King%20of%20Dragons Kirby%20-%20Nightmare%20in%20Dream%20Land Kirby%20%26%20The%20Amazing%20Mirror Kirby%20Super%20Star Mario%20Kart%20Super%20Circuit Mega%20Man%202 Mega%20Man%20Xtreme Mega%20Turrican Metal%20Slug%203 Metal%20Slug%20Advance Metal%20Slug%20X Pac%20Man Parodius Raiden Robo%20Army R-Type%20DX Sonic%202 Space%20Invaders%20(GBA) Space%20Invaders%20(GBC) Spinmaster Striker%201945 Super%20Mario%20Bros%202 Super%20Mario%20Bros%203 %20Deluxe Super%20Mario%20Bros Super%20Mario%20World%202 Super%20Star%20Soldier Super%20Turrican%202 Tekken%20Advance Tetris%20DX Three%20Wonders %20Squadron Wonder%20Boy%202 Wonder%20Boy%203 Wonder%20Boy Zelda%20-%20Link%20to%20the%20Past Zelda%20II


What are you using to make these? I’d really like to know haha

Any number of pixel/photo editing programs can do the trick. Photoshop is what I used.
I grabbed a single icon as a template, and just started copying sprites on to it.

Gotta use this graphic design degree for something!

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Love these!
Thanks for sharing them!

I’m using GIMP (free & Open Source Image Editor).
Steps to reproduce:

  • Open one of the files from this post with GIMP
  • Remove content from the circle
  • Find picture that you want inside the circle with transparent (!) background (you can specifically select transparent as background color on google image search)
  • Scale picture to resolution that is smaller (e.g. 70x70px) than circle (that is 80x80px)
  • Paste picture into circle
  • Export as *.png

Thanks for these instructions! Nice and simple and works a treat.

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