Godot Engine GameDev: GameShell Edition [Tutorial]

Oh man i can’t wait to try exporting some projects with that maybe a rudimentary 3D project too if possible just to stress the hardware a bit? Has anyone tried 3D yet?

3D is disabled, I found it not functional at all on the device.
So, no luck in this department, but basically every 2D feature should be available!

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Thanks @Samdze for the documentation and the export templates. I was able to get a 2d project running on a 512mb RAM model with Lima drivers which runs at about 500 fps when unlocked. However I’d like to know why is that 3d is not working as mentioned in your last post. I’d assume GLES2 is supported by the hardware, 3d included. I’m going to try compiling the latest Godot 3.5.3 version on the GS without the disable3d flag

Go ahead! Things may have changed and 3D could be available in some form

I was wondering if there were any specific errors that may have made it blatantly clear that it’s a fool’s errand

Just in case anyone else is going to be researching this, see my post here: