Any Luck with 3D Graphics on the gameshell?

I’m trying to port games like Neverball on the gameshell just to truly understand it’s 3d capabilities anyone got 3D graphics to work?

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Well I got a basic C++ 3d viewer on the GameShell. So far I got a pyramid shown on screen. I’m learning OpenGL from scratch. if you guys got anything better I’ll be delighted to know.

Update: I got Neverball running on it. however it’s VERY GLITCHY. I dunno if it’s a driver Issue or what but I’m looking into way to fix the rendering. Menu Items keeps flickering all of the time

I never really looked at the GS 3D accelerator, but I doubt the Mail 400 do support OpenGL. GLES, yes probably, plain GL, I don’t think so.

You may run it without knowing through software emulation of OpenGL which may explain some of the quirks.

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