Good News ,The last module has been complete!

Previously an user created a project board for the Devterm, maybe someone makes one for the uconsole

Very cool, I didn’t order the 4g module but might order it later on.

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Any links to this @Petrakis ( apologies I’ve not searched but, will start searching )? Would love to take a look if it appears useful and you have the link handy. Thanks for calling it out.

Is this the link?

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Yes it is.

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So cool, and that is a fantastic looking project! TY for the call out @Petrakis

The latest news is that uconsel will not ship before the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Spring Festival lasts about 7 days and will end on January 27. Therefore, uconsel may not ship until mid-February, or even the end of February. You don’t have to browse the forum every day to read the news like I do. Be quiet and wait until mid-February to see how it goes.


Thanks @hzykiss for polling the status and updating!

I ordered a GPD to fill in the gap :joy:

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So plan for June? China has a ton of stuff going on.

I just received an email that my uConsole order (placed on Nov 3rd) has shipped! I ordered the CM4 (wifi only) version, along with a separate CM4 adapter to go with my Devterm (an A06), since I’m hoping one day to acquire another CM4 to use in that.

Since it looks like the shipping info just got submitted a few days ago, there’s no indication on when it might arrive, but I’m guessing it might be in a few weeks, or maybe by the end of January.

Anyhow, I hope others receive good news soon!


Hi, may I have your order number? uConsoles are not shipped yet. I am uploading tracking numbers for GameShell, DevTerm and parts.


My order number is 20121.

Oh! In my excitement I missed something that I just noticed now in the email! Only the CM4 adapter (which I ordered for my Devterm A06) shipped. The uConsole is listed but is under “Items Awaiting Shipment”.

Sorry for the false hope, and any confusion I may have caused.


Order No. 19115 Placed on Oct 25, 2022

Not heard anything yet ??

Thanks @hzykiss, if it ships mid-feb it would still be quite fast.


I ordered quite quickly after announcements see below CM4 wifi and lte but mine said Express service (60 business days) it’s been 60 days :slight_smile:

Tue, 25 Oct 2022, 14:21

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Hey Jutleys!

I ordered mine the same time as you, but without the LTE chip.
For business days, all holidays and weekends are excluded, so the actual date would be January 30th.

Also, news reports confirm that no units will ship before the end of the Chinese New Year, which ends January 27th.

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Same! Looking forward to it. Best bet is to develop some applications that you can use for it, then tweak them when you are able to test them for the device once it arrives.

I was really hoping to see some kind of update this week.

Happy Year of the Rabbit to all that celebrate it!

I feel the same i really hope for some good news or updates in general at this point :slight_smile:


I reached out to CS this morning (CST) to see if I could get an update. Will let you know if I get anything.