GPIO and Arduino cables/connectors

Hi everyone!

I purchased my “previously enjoyed” GameSH> maybe 3 weeks ago now and love it.
I had been going through the forums, and have found everyone to be super helpful.

I wanted to ask if there are additional cables for the GPIO pins and the two 15 pin connectors on the Arduino/Keypad.

If there aren’t additional cables, could I get info on the connectors to be able to make my own?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure I understand what you mean
does this help?

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Sorry for the confusion.

I think what I’m really looking for is specs of the connectors.

So the GPIO and arduino connectors are JST type, but I am looking for part numbers so I can find mating connectors.

Then I can make my own JST to Dupont cables

I´ve made this spreadsheet long time ago Gameshell Cables - Google Sheets

Hope it helps.

With a caliper and this JST connector - Wikipedia you could correlate the other connectors on that sheet and know the part.

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This is definitely helpful. Thank you!

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Thanks again for the help guys. I was inspired to go ahead and make some keyboard expansion/GPIO cables. (Final picture first)

I was able to figure what size the connector needed to be, and found some wires to go with it.

Top wire was the one i purchased where both ends had the crimp to go into the JST connector. Then I cut them in half and added the DuPont crimp and then a housing.

Below are some more pictures I took while making the wires.

Just wanted to share what I had been working on for the Gameshell lately.


this link only mentions the cables that connect the modules to the main board, what about the 15 pin connectors on the keypad module and the 14 pin gpio? sorry for bumping an old thread btw :sweat::sweat:

From memory, it should be a JST. Maybe JST-XH JST connector - Wikipedia

I might be wrong but at least there are some pointers for your question.

I’ve just gotten a serial console working with those cables, checkout this post on the forum.

Maybe we could document all this in the wiki : GPIO - Clockwork GameShell ?