Gz doom on uconsole

do you guys think that gz doom will run good on the uconsole

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I think it’ll run great on every CPU module, except maybe the RiscV one, just because that module doesn’t have any hardware GL acceleration

It may run well there too, but maybe not, we’ll see. If not, there are plenty of doom implementations that don’t rely on OpenGL

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i plan to livestream my unboxing and assembly once i get it — i shall be the first to run doom on the uConsole outside of clockworkpi


do you have a youtube channel? I’m holding off on buying one until reviews come out, though only barely lol

me? i do, i don’t make much that’s good tho lol

i might do a review when i get it, i’m not a tech reviewer tho so no guarantees it’ll be good :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d post my other links but idk if self promotion is allowed on the forum lol


its alright bro, I’ll look out for it if you do do a review! I don’t expect tons of charts and graphs on performance, and how every OS stacks up against eachother, and this and that, just like the build quality and initial impressions ya know

aight, will do

(this 20 character limit is kinda annoying blah blah blah)

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I don’t see why self promotion wouldn’t be allowed as long as it’s uConsole related.

About the unboxing and assembly video … it has already been done at least twice so I don’t see the value in doing one more.

I’d like to see benchmark, use case, indepth review tho.

Anyway I hope you’ll have fun anyway :slight_smile: