HAMRS on uConsole

I am trying to run HAMRS on the uConsole. I have downloaded the AppImage file, added the “executable” permission.

When I double-click or right-click and select “Execute” I get nothing. No app, no errors…nothing.

For reference, I have running the A06 and have run updates on the OS, it is currently reporting version 22.04.4.

Are there something I need to load for AppImages to work?

Thanks in advance,
Michael AF6FB

Could you check the output of “uname -m” run from a terminal on your uConsole? If it answers something other than “armv7l”, this hamrs AppImage found on hamrs.app isn’t going to run without help.

If it answers “aarch64”, it might be simplest to get the hamrs team to make a build for aarch64. I tried adding armv7l to my uConsole, and then all the supporting libs for the hamrs appimage, and I finally got it to resolve everything, but in the end, it just segfaults. I don’t know for sure why.

what os and kernel are you running? I’m a radio guy myself (not ham) but I can build you a 32bit 6.6.y bookworm image if that would help. I want to get into ham so bad but have way to much on my plate.

I wound up downloading a Dev version on the HAMRS forum.
You have to change permissions for owner to execute.
You also have to install FUSE to get it to run. (sudo apt install fuse)


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