uConsole A06 Armbian Bookworm

I prefer Debian over Ubuntu, and I’m considering creating an Armbian Bookworm image for the uConsole A06. Still, since I’ve never compiled the Armbian, I want to gather as much information as possible before starting.

I also want the system to be lightweight, and it’s essential that the hardware drivers, wifi, keyboard, display, etc., are installed and ready to work, and maybe the X Window System, but not much else.

That way, I’ll have a clean, small, efficient base to install the things I use.

Apparently, creating an image using Armbian is simple, but I will need help with hardware adjustments.

The bad part is that this project will move like a glacier; I only have a little time left for another parallel project.


They have Bookworm :wink:

Armbian Linux Build Framework

A06 kernel patch for uConsole

Please share any tips or suggestions you may have. Your input is greatly appreciated.