Help install new TIC-80 version please

Hello everyone

I buy pro version of TIC-80, but when I try start it on Gameshel, I have this error ./tic80: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I make TIC-80 via retroarch it 0.9 version - Google Drive

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I’ve ported the patches written for TIC-80 version 0.80 currently shipped with the Gameshell to the latest stable version 1.0: GitHub - dud225/TIC-80: Fork of nesbox/TIC-80 catered to the ClockworkPI Gameshell

To add a menu entry I’ve simply renamed the existing script and added a new one named


./tic80v1 --fullscreen --cmd=surf --fs=/home/cpi/games/TIC-80

FYI @guu if you want to have a look when you’ll plan to ship an updated version in the future.