How do I install TIC-80 on a A06 DevTerm

Trying to run the Fantasy Console TIC-80 on the A06 DevTerm. Had issues with the *.deb file. Install did not got through the GUI. Managed somehow through the CLI. But it won’t run.

Tried the workaround from this thread. No success. Getting this error message.

Any ideas?

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You must be using tic80-v0.90-rpi.deb from the releases page. It looks like the Raspberry Pi build depends on libbcm_host, a Raspberry Pi-specific library. Looking at their releases, I don’t see anything that will work on a non-Raspberry Pi ARM device…

You could try compiling from source. It’s not too hard. Instructions here: GitHub - nesbox/TIC-80: TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.


Hmm, thanks! Just to clarify, which instructions should I follow? The ones for Raspberry or for the Ubuntus?

The one for the newest Ubuntu. Good luck!

I can confirm the build instructions for Ubuntu 18.04 worked fine for my A06 DevTerm running Armbian.

just created tic80 apt for quick installing on a06

sudo apt update
sudo apt install devterm-tic80-cpi -y

and welcome to submit request to github or forum here for any other software/games to be packed as apt deb for quick installing


Thank you for saving these barbarians from the walled garden.